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Committed to Excellence

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Welcome to the official website of Coding Unlimited. Here at Coding Unlimited we are committed to excellence. In all we teach code to anybody no matter the age, because we believe the future is code. Technology is growing fast and we all know that its important to start learning now! Most importantly here we teach how to code, build your own games, and have a great time!

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Customer Service

To contact us for classes to teach you or/and your kids, please find our contact information below.

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Weekends - SAT & SUN - 2:00 PM - 5:00PM (AST)

Friday - 5:00 PM (AST) 

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Price List

Take Your Pick, email listed below
***Canadian Dollar***



This is a basic 1 hour session that does not include homework at the end of the lesson. *Paid after each lesson* 



This VIP session includes as many lessons as possible on your schedule. After each lesson this comes with homework and after every 2 lessons it comes with a test. After parents will be sent results. *Paid Monthly*



This premium session includes 1-2 hour lessons that come with homework at the end of the lesson. *Paid at the end of the lesson*

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Send us an email to register, and discuss prices.

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